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Learn And Grow All Year Long Without The Commitment of Elite - Triple Threat Elite Futures

Our Triple Threat Elite 3rd/4th Futures program is a great place to start for an early introduction to elite level lacrosse! Players who start with us at this level have more fun and have a higher Lax game IQ when they transition to our Triple Threat Elite teams.

If your daughter is showing significant interest in learning and playing more lacrosse after the spring season finishes, this could be the perfect fit for her.  The program is a light commitment at a reasonable price and she will benefit from more time with knowledgeable experienced coaches!

Triple Threat Elite Youth Girls Lacrosse Elite

Triple Threat Elite Lacrosse

Triple Threat Elite Girls Lacrosse teams are based out of the Somerset and Hunterdon County NJ areas. Each team trains and competes on a year-round basis including tournaments, position-specific training, and strength and conditioning sessions.

Each athlete will receive team practices, position-specific training sessions, a strength and conditioning program, and entry into tournaments with a high level of competition and exposure. In addition, Triple Threat Elite athletes will receive a Shake School Player Membership, recruiting tools and expert guidance, and free game film from all Top Threat, Ultimate, IWLCA and Thinklax tournaments through Connectlax.

We are seeking strong, competitive, and valuable players to represent our club in nationally recognized tournaments across the country.