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Triple Threat Elite is more than just an elite girls lacrosse program. It is a family that invests in our athletes to help them go from good to great and we do that through best in class partnerships and facilities. #TeamFirst #Family

We are Dedicated to Our Players’ Success

Triple Threat Elite provides the tools for every athlete to reach their goals. Our Team First mentality is at the core of our culture cultivating pride in success. We value hard work and celebrate the individual and team rewards that result from consistent efforts. We build competitors who learn how to win by believing in themselves and the power of a team. We strive to empower girls of all ages by focusing on the complete player, teaching the skills and strategies necessary to be successful. Our goal is to help build self-confidence and teamwork skills using a positive instructional approach in the programs we create. We emphasize that a strong work ethic leads to long term success. We help players to understand that the effort that they put in benefits not only themselves but the team as well. Lacrosse is a game that builds life skills for young girls. Everything that we do is designed with the goal of making a lasting impact on players.

Triple Threat Elite Lacrosse

We are Passionate about Growing Participation in Girls Lacrosse

Triple Threat Elite Lacrosse is a premier educator of thousands of youth annually in the sport. Our organization has become a trusted feeder program for middle schools and high schools throughout New Jersey and Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. We start at the grassroots level at an early age by inspiring a love for the game as well as assist in player development through the collegiate level. We do this by offering specialized training, recreational leagues, elite-level club teams, and a variety of competitive events.

Triple Threat Elite Youth Girls Lacrosse Development

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