Elite Lacrosse Club Benefits

Our Strategy Is To Lay The Foundation Of Training To Succeed As A Way Of Life

Player Development

Triple Threat Elite Lacrosse
  • Hand-selected coaching staff, consisting of former collegiate players with extensive coaching experience at the Youth and HS levels and teachers and coaches in your community.
  • Seasonal online player evaluations from each coach and personalized video feedback designed by our coaches and player development staff.
  • Grade-based core curriculum and updated seasonally to include the latest developmental strategies for success.
  • Team First mentality at the core of our culture cultivating pride in team success.
  • Values of hard work and teamwork are reinforced by our staff.  We aspire to build self-confidence in each player along the journey.
  • Strength, speed, and conditioning programs to keep your athlete in shape and prevent injury.

Shake School Sponsored Club Benefits

Shake School Lacrosse Sponsored Club
  • Triple Threat Elite only portal with unique Shake School content and full drill library
  • Monthly player development sessions with Shake School's Kacy Small
  • A FREE Shake School clinic designed specifically for our club
  • Pro Challenge with exclusive feedback from Kacy Small and a professional lacrosse player
  • Unlimited opportunities to be featured on Shake School's Instagram page
  • Elite leaderboard with monthly prizes

Recruiting Support

Triple Threat Elite Lacrosse
  • Personnel with over 16 years of industry experience, watching trends, building networks, and understanding of the most important nuances of the process.
  • We have proudly placed 600+ athletes in all levels of the NCAA including Maryland, UNC, Syracuse, Virginia Tech, Denver, Michigan, University of Florida, Navy, Duke, Richmond, Rutgers, Princeton, JMU, Loyola, University of Colorado, UPenn, Ohio State, and many more. Check out our full list of commits!
  • Personal support of a Recruiting Coordinator to advise and guide our players through the lacrosse recruiting process
  • Online recruiting software powered by Connectlax
  • View a list of our current Triple Threat Elite Connectlax profiles.
  • Breakout meetings by region by grad year for a more personalized approach to navigate the recruiting process


Triple Threat Elite Lacrosse

Triple Threat Elite Lacrosse Goalies play the role of leader for their team. We work with each goalie at every level to provide individual instruction to help our goalies improve on all aspects of their game, including stance, stick work, clearing, footwork, and hand-eye coordination.

Elite All-Star Teams


Every year, our most talented athletes from each Triple Threat Elite region vie for a position on their grad year’s All-Star lacrosse team. These exclusive competitive teams bring the best elite players together, forming the Triple Threat All-Stars, to compete in high ranking tournaments throughout the country.

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