Women’s Lacrosse Adult League

Collegiate/Post-Collegiate Women's Adult Summer League

Stay game ready all year long and register for the Triple Threat Elite Lacrosse Women's Adult Summer League.

Play competitive pick-up games and reconnect with old teammates and friends! The women's summer adult league is also a great networking opportunity to meet new fellow lacrosse alumni from the area. Games are officiated with certified referees.

Take your summer to the next level and join our Best of the Shore tournament team competing on Saturday, June 26th. This is a fun, fast-paced, tournament that brings together collegiate and post-collegiate athletes. This tournament is also a great chance to play competitive lacrosse again against other adult teams. Included is a free pass to the beach for the day which is conveniently located 3 blocks from where you would play!

Find A Women's Summer League In Your Area!

Adult Summer Lacrosse League In NJ

Mountain Park - Basking Ridge, NJ

Adult Summer Lacrosse League In PA

Lehigh Valley, PA

Triple Threat Elite Lacrosse Women's Adut League Summer