Iron Peak HS Winter League

Iron Peak in Hillsborough, NJ

January 2 - February 26

Triple Threat Elite 2021 High School Winter League Rules

  • Full-field
  • Games are 2x25 minute halves
  • All NFHS rules will be applied
    • This includes free movement
  • Coaches are allowed on sidelines 
  • Players sub through the cones on the sideline only (field sub area)
  • No timeouts
  • Coach can call for stick checks at half time
  • 8M- play out at half and game end if time expires on a foul.  2 steps max before shot, no pass
  • In the event a goalie is unavailable, a shot blocker will be used in place.  All other rules remain in place.
    • For clearing ONLY, a defender may step into the crease and act as a goalie.  She must pass the ball out of the crease, as the goalie would.
    • The game WILL count.
  • Tie breakers for playoff seeding
    • Head-to-Head
    • Goals against
    • Goal Differential (Max 10)
    • Coin Toss