Iron Peak HS Winter Lacrosse League

Iron Peak in Hillsborough, NJ

December 10 - February 5

Iron Peak High School Winter League Rules

  • Full-field
  • Games are 2x25 minute halves
  • All NFHS rules will be applied
    • This includes free movement
  • Coaches are allowed on sidelines 
  • Players sub through the cones on the sideline only (field sub area)
  • No timeouts
  • Coach can call for stick checks at half time
  • 8M- play out at half and game end if time expires on a foul.  2 steps max before shot, no pass
  • In the event a goalie is unavailable, a shot blocker will be used in place.  All other rules remain in place.
    • For clearing ONLY, a defender may step into the crease and act as a goalie.  She must pass the ball out of the crease, as the goalie would.
    • The game WILL count.
  • Tie breakers for playoff seeding
    • Head-to-Head
    • Goals against
    • Goal Differential (Max 10)
    • Coin Toss

Iron Peak Facility Rules and Policies


As a sports venue, we take the health and safety of our guests and athletes very seriously. Since the start of COVID we have strictly followed the NJ Government mandates, which are currently still set as “Masks are highly recommended if you are not fully vaccinated.” We will be closely monitoring any updates from the governor’s office and will make you aware of anything that may affect this league and/or indoor sports.

If there is a complete shutdown mandated by the governor and no room in the season and on the calendar to hold the league, Iron Peak is prepared to offer full refunds. If a mandated pause is issued, we will pivot to make changes to league format and dynamics such that we can still get our season in – in which case we will not provide refunds.

For your perspective, the Iron Peak indoor dome, where this league will take place, is an 86,000 square foot resource with an air volume inside of roughly 6,480,000 cubic feet. Most of this air volume is open space with 92% above the heads of the players and spectators. The indoor venue (including the dome) is roughly 200,00 square feet. As a large and brand new venue, we were able to mindfully operate within last Winter’s COVID mandates and capacity requirements given our new HEPA filters and HVAC systems, exhaust fans and hoods that lead to higher exchange rates for air, and so much open space to achieve social distancing. *As a side note, all of our Iron Peak staff members are required to be fully vaccinated.

Iron Peak Refund Policy – Youth lacrosse league

Iron Peak in partnership with Triple Threat are running a High School Girls Lax winter league. We went live with registration for this league since the end of August. We have made a commitment to run a fantastic competitive league so that teams and players can improve their skills in preparation for the upcoming spring season.

Iron Peak has a zero refund policy after the schedule is released 2 weeks out from the start of the league. If a team decides to withdraw within 2 weeks of the league starting they will not be issued a refund. Withdrawing from the league at a late stage makes the schedule uneven and leaves it very late to replace the withdrawn team.

Please also see below the details of the league which was communicated before teams registered for the league.